Ultrace 2022 Photo Coverage // Part 1.

What happens in Poland, does not stay in Poland. To be brutally honest with you, one of our favorite events to come out of Europe is Ultrace. But, how can Ultrace be one of our favorite events when no one has even heard that name before? Well you see Ultrace used to go by the name “Raceism”, but after many years they decided to make the change. Not really sure the exact reason but we let’s just say that Ultrace will be a less controversial name in certain parts of the world. We’ve been covering this event for years and we strongly urge you to glance through a few of our previous posts. We’ve told you everything there is to know about it so we’ll save you the time and let you get straight into the awesome captures shot by none other than Marcus Lundell. Enjoy, and make sure to come back for part 2 later in the week for another 300+ shots!

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