SN x Nisei Showoff partner Ken Miyoshi returned to the small US Territory Island of Guam last month in collaboration with Upshift Ent. to bring Showoff Guam for the second year during the island’s 34th annual three day motorsports event called APL Smokin’ Wheels. Showoff Guam took place at the drag strip area of the Guam International Raceway with race cars screaming down the quarter mile competing for top honors in the Drag Racing competition. Some of the island’s top rides showed up to take home a giant Showoff trophy their respective divisions. From classics, static, bagged, VIP, JDM, and fitted rides, every car had its unique setup. Definitely an action packed weekend with Showoff Guam gathering a huge crowd as the sun went down. You can catch the next Showoff Guam already scheduled for April 8, 2017. The event was covered by StanceNation’s local photographer Jason Cabigting who helped line up the cars during roll-in then started capturing images as it started to cool down. Enjoy!

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