Continuing with our WekFest San Francisco coverage, tonight we’ll look at the second part with about 30 plus pictures. I have another set or two after this so be on the lookout for that in the next few days. One of the cars that pretty much had everyone going crazy was a black AB Flug Toyota Supra (Highway Patrol) which you can see on the bottom of this post. Major kudos to the WekFest crew for bringing out so many amazing rides! Be on the lookout for our next feature tomorrow night, you’re going to love it.

Photos By: Elvis Skender exclusively for

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  1. Thanos Manos

    fantastic fotoes, I have only one question though, regarding that grey EK!

    What wheels are those and whats the kit on it? (except for the wing.. looks kinda off….)

  2. Seba

    Hey, awesome coverage so far!! Can you tell me about those two BMW 5-series in the coverage? the E60 Wagon and M5 E60, what bodykits they have? thanks.

  3. Ramiro

    i kno these shows r for imports but we need more chargers and other domestic model cars should represent not just elvis charger. any car can be stanced and look cool for these shows. i have a charger myself i go to meets and shows too where i live. this saturday ima be at santa monica so who ever has a domestic car COME ON DOWN!!

  4. Nick

    What Brand And Type Of Wheels Are On The White Honda Above The Highway Patrol Supra?
    (Not The White Honda CR-Z) And Great Looking Pictures !

  5. luke truehart

    awesome f@ckin cars at that show. Really lovin that supra (is that kit also called envy or NV?), The matte red BMW, and the clean shaved engine bays. Were those super cars done up at all or are they all stock? still amazing either way. Any way to get any stereo or trunk setup shots. Good Pics too!


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