This years Wekfest, which took place in the capitol of Texas – Austin, as expected, had a magnificent turnout. The cars showcased at this years event really did their part to step their game up. The venue itself was somewhat small and crowded with all of the spectators which made it a little difficult to “spectate” but it didn’t hurt the excitement one bit. There were less cars admitted this year – 300 verses last years 400 but I can see next years meet easily being much larger with the change of the location. If you’ve never been to a Texas meet I’d highly recommend it. The cars here really push the limits. The next meet in Austin is going to be awesome. Austin really is the California of Texas, from its liberal spirits to its relaxed city lifestyle, a perfect place to hold a meet which sprouted from California.

Photos By: Jeshua Wood exclusively for

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  1. Michael Sinclair

    Wow, decent turn-out, that fg1 is dope, looks like a great show, wish I could’ve made it

  2. BLAZ33

    350z FTMFW!!!
    More pictures on the //Booger Green|RWB|Flared 350\\ please.

  3. SlammedImportTuner

    Love the blue S2K on blue wheels, love the Subaru with blue/purple wheels and would love some more of that 2nd gen Eclipse near that beautiful Civic sittin’ wide and low!!!!!!!! AmaZing Rides, love the pics guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! … if you find some more pics of tha Eclipse would really appreciate it! THANKS

  4. BryanSmith

    The South has an amazing car culture, these guys bring it every time with quality builds and great style. They love riding low as much as we do in the West. Much respect to the Texas. Sick whips.

  5. Michael Sinclair

    I feel straight dumb, I was looking through the coverage again and I saw Zach Triggs Lexus, so dope.

  6. Jonathan

    There are some amazing cars in here but that white civic si with “gangnam style” on the side pisses me off. Currently residing in Korea I can honestly say that Lambos and Benz CL63s are true Gangnam style. If it were a Hyundai or Kia it would almost make sense but that is just trying way too hard to be trendy. Sorry for that rant. Overall a great shoot with some really amazing and unique cars and I wish I was stateside to see/ be a part of this event.

  7. MiguelMercilous

    Can Someone please tell me what rims that blue crx is wearing. I would quite literally chew my own arm off for a set.


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