I have been in the import scene for most of my life. I worked at and managed a speed shop named Speed Concept in Portland, Oregon for a few years. I have always been a huge euro VW fan and have owned 3, however; I also love Subarus. I have had 4 Subarus but I never got the chance to build a fully fitted or “stanced car”. If I was to have the opportunity to build one I would want to do something that no one else has done or improve upon something that has already been attempted, but on a budget. The budget is key to what I want because I can beat it up and not feel too bad about it.

Story by Patrick “PhatPat” McGlinchy // Photos by Carlos Perales & Patrick Lauder exclusively for StanceNation.com

Here’s the idea; basically buy a car under $2000, spend less than $3-5 grand building it and get my work showcased around the world through various media outlets such as on-line and maybe even a magazine (is this even possible?). Having had 3 other old Legacy wagons I thought having a fitted older Legacy or Impreza wagon would be a good place to start. I looked high and low, stalked Craigslist for a few months and came down to a few cars I was going to look at. Then, out of nowhere, this rare, turbo Legacy 5speed with 167k miles was posted 5 minutes before I was going go look at these other cars. I e-mailed the seller, not expecting a response, and it was up for a steal! The owner got a hold of me immediately. A couple hours and $1400 later I was on my way to building my budget build Legacy SS.

Instantly I was looking what coilovers would work from what cars, as they make almost nothing for this car, but these cars are like Legos. Most 02-07 WRX and older Impreza stuff fit! I came across a few sets and got a set of HSD coilovers for a 05 STI used for $500 ($1500 retail) and in perfect working order. I did quite a bit of modifications in order to make them fit on the car. I looked to see what the widest wheels people were running on these cars were, pricing on tires and what type of fitment I wanted but found out no one really would run bigger than a 17 x 8.5 at the maximum, so, I decided a 17 or 18×10 inch would be my end goal. I, at first, settled with a generic 17×9.75 xxr 527 +25 (boring, I know) with a 205/45/17 to fill the wheel well and get a good stretch. I knew this wheel would be a stepping stone, so once they arrived it was time to fit them on the car. Well, as you know, a wide wheel on a car that shouldn’t have one well I did a lot of work for a couple weeks just to get ride height right and the wheels fitted about 1 inch of flare and pull to get the quarters right among many other modifications.

So, now that it was fitted, I needed to get the car to appear actually lower to the ground since this car had no factory lips/skirts or once again, little to nothing made for it. I went on to add a lip went thru a few and added side skirts and the rear spats, got a hitch and a diffuser to cover it (all had to be fabbed up in some manner to fit). It’s funny how much positive and negative feedback come on this car because it’s AWD and a Subaru, saying it isn’t functional and completely pointless. I have learned to embrace the hate over the years to push me harder to succeed. I wanted to make sure people see it’s fully functional for my life style!

Then stunt ride, which for most of my time until I got this car was what I did in my free time (I am not good by any manner but I love the sport). I found myself being out by the stunt spot then having to drive 45 min to get my truck and bike and head back to the lot that and that equals a lot of gas, money, and headaches. I have wanted to build a slammed trailer for a long time (years). Which I did just that, I bought an $80 used harbor freight style folding trailer towed it around then tore it down bought matching wheels and custom fabbed up the trailer.

I then, after the trailer was done, took the car, bike, trailer combo to a few events. I knew it was time to get some better looking wheels and I decided it was time to step up the game and go to with Miro 368 in 18×10 +25 which, to fit, I needed 3mm spacers in the rear to stay off my coilovers I think it gives the car a little bit of a retro look with the mesh and big 3.75 inch lip. It took another few days and more pull and flare to get these to fit and brought the car even lower to the earth. As far as I have found no one is running or has ran an old Legacy like this, with a wheel and tire set up this large, this low, ever!? I’m not claiming to be the first but I may be.

I have now had the car one year and so far this is the outcome. It is fully functional in every way for my life style, and yes, it’s a daily. I am blessed to have Stance Nation even do this feature on the car as it’s not a perfect car at all, but hope everyone loves it as much as I do. This car is a constant work in progress and will soon have some even more tasteful upgrades and even a different style of wheel. Keep on the look out for more of these cars to start popping up. I’m also planning out another unseen fitted car!

Special THANKS to my friends, family and Speed Concept for the great deals on pricing.

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    • pineapple

      The bike isn’t stanced. It looks lower than it is because he has it strapped down to the trailer. Clean stunt bike BTW, I’ve got my 01 F4i stunt ready also BRAAAAAAAPPPPP

  1. Michael

    Absolutely beautiful, tasteful and simple at the same time, way to take the hate and build on it. Goes to show you don’t need a ton of money to accomplish something you are proud of

  2. Nzila8

    I want to see the INSIDE!!! Great car, trailer and Bike by the way. Outstanding

  3. Duncan

    My taste runs more to racing, so i’m not big on the stance scene. BUT i gotta say, this is unique, personal, and well done! Great job. Love the car, the personal touches, and the custom work that went into making it exactly what you wanted. Tight work. Cool bike too.

  4. Jason

    I don’t know what to say! Unique, stunning.. I don’t know.. Most beautiful Legacy I’ve seen (out of all generations) and the trailers makes it look even better. Great work & story! Love it!

  5. Carlos

    I saw this car @ the VIP performance bbq this summer its pretty dope looks much better with these wheels though…

  6. Cole Cochran

    One word…Inspiration. Really tho this is just what i needed to get my 93 gf project rolling.

  7. AWDizBetter

    amazing. nice build. great story. love to see something that blows most $20k-$30k builds out the water, IMO of course.

  8. Josh Klein

    I see this car like everyday he lives in the same apartments as my girlfriend haha. It just keeps getting better every time I drive by. Props dude!

  9. Justin P

    seen this car in person looks good from a distance has some serious power under the hood no lie. but up close the exterior needs some serious work. poorly fitted kit. in some spots one could fit a hand in between the pannel and the lip kit. dents all over, an atrocious fender pull job, the worst patch pannel repair job Ive ever seen in my life. visible tape lines, mis-matched paint. and the patch that was repaired wasn’t even blocked smooth. just another over rated stanced out suby. this one happens to have a matching trailer.

    • phat56pat

      I am pretty sure it states its not the cleanest and yup it needs work this is what gives it character, and that is why there is a giant work in progress sticker on because its constant work in progress always changing and things getting fixed and if your talking about the trunk the holes were welded and there is vinyl keeping it from rusting no body filler on the car at all. hahhahahha lol you think you know but you absolutely have no clue! Justin you stick to your lasers and smoke machine in your poorly fitted xb and move on and there isn’t much power under the hood actually so why don’t you come talk to me next time you see me so maybe you can learn about what your talking about….

      • marcus n

        Hey phat56pat im up near the boarder in whatcom county i own the car i just got it, hit me up i got some questions! @phat56pat

  10. Ger

    I used to have a 91 legacy. Great car. I miss it. I notice the trailer has no suspension by the looks of it…That bike is up for a bumpy ride lololol

  11. Spencer

    I’ve seen this car come from start when it was first purchased to where it stands now and I have to say he has put a lot of time and work into it looks great man

  12. phat56pat

    thanks everyone for the feed back good and bad! The car is by far close to done I appreciate Patrick and Carlos from Quickworks photo for contacting me about this feature and shooting it. i hope i get a chance this summer to get a refresh feature to show the new paint and other mods it will have. you can see more on my facebook http://www.facebook.com/phat56pat

  13. etienne

    if you want to make a competely unique and unseen car you could tune up and old pontiac fiero sit it good and you will have one badass car

  14. moe

    I hate when guys like Justin P want you to have a car when paint and body are flawless. Its a daily, like what do you expect?

  15. Zach

    Wait, you worked at Speed Concepts? You mean the same clowns from the meme-fodder Team Innovations video?

    Nice and classy.

    In case nobody has seen these clowns:

    • Phat56pat

      Years ago yes ad team innovations is just a car club locally and that video I have no comment on lol I know them and they know my opinion on that video speed concept just happened to be where it was videoed lol

  16. czar

    Props on it being a daily driver….Its good to see someone who loves the scene but like me may not always have the finances to modifify in a month, but slowly adding and improving ones car..

  17. Aaron

    Now this. This, I could see myself driving. I’m personally not a Subaru fanboy, but this is beautiful. Small, boxy, stanced, perfect camber, dem wide ass rims, and clean as hell. Right up my alley.

  18. Shayne Williams

    Soo sexy :o bestest old school liberty i have came across on the net so far. I have a 92 i was just wondering how you made the rear window lip/wing could you please reply haha thanks.

  19. Kyle R

    Its for sale right now on Portland Craigslist, $6000 for the car, $7500 for car and trailer

  20. alex

    love this legacy mate. iv had this same dream for years but have never quite found the old school rs legacy iv wanted. this car is sick. not manot people appreciate the old rs legacy. nice job.


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