WekFest Hawaii 2013 Photo Coverage // Part 1. (16)

Our latest event coverage takes us all the way to Hawaii. Despite some unfortunately immature decisions made by some of the cars after the event (burnouts, etc) the event itself was top notch, just as all WekFest events are. We saw a ton of new cars and thankfully our photographer Emil Corpuz captured over a 100 photos. We’ll break this coverage down in 2 or 3 parts to give not only the event it’s well deserved exposure but cars themselves. With that said, we’ll start off with some of the cars that were on the rooftop and work our way down. Hope you enjoy!

Photos By: Emil Corpuz exclusively for StanceNation.com

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  1. Alexandre Peachy

    Nice pictures! The white civic with 4 doors is just perfect hope I can find one of them where I live!!!

  2. Matyas

    I like this new form of even coverage…Here i mean the usage of thumbnails for the pictures! It helps the site load a lot faster!

    And once again great photos nice cars! Whats the name of the wheels that are on the MK1 Golf with the open bonnet??

  3. derek

    I hate this thumbnail bologna. Sick cars and such but I don’t even look through them cause the thumbnails are a hassle. Sorry.


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