Slammed & Fitted Lexus IS from Japan (1)

Standards.  We all have standards.  No matter what we do, in our minds we have a minimum level of expectation.  Of course here at Stance Nation there are standards.  There are standards for our writers, photographers, and the vehicles that are featured.  As the scene and the culture progress so do our standards.  The cars may be lower, the wheels wider, the offsets crazier, but that doesn’t mean are standards ease up.  We are dedicated to bringing you the best content there is and present it to you in an engaging format.  The cars we feature represent our standards.

Photos By: Kenji H exclusively for

Slammed & Fitted Lexus IS from Japan (2)

Take a quick look at the specs of this 2IS.  The spec list isn’t very long is it?  That’s deceiving though because despite the small list of modifications, this Lexus IS250 is definitely up to our standards, and is sure to impress anyone wherever it goes.  Kenji is a Japanese native and despite the car’s USDM flavor it looks right at home on the streets of Japan.  The awesome color, perfect wheel fitment, and subtle custom touches really make this 2IS stand out from many others I’ve seen despite how simple the car is.

Slammed & Fitted Lexus IS from Japan (3)

The stance of this car is what’s really impressive and definitely is what first caught my eye when I first saw photos of it.  The car’s pebble-pushing height is achieved via a Universal Air Hybrid-series air-ride kit.  The kit is centered around a 4-gallon tank, two 480C Viair compressors, and UAS’ popular Aero-sport bags.  Much like the car, the UAS kit is simple, and most importantly it works.  There are plenty of fancy air-ride kits out there that are really complex which is really cool, but that leaves a lot more to go wrong.  Just look at Kenji’s car for the result, and he drives this every day!  Can’t argue with that.  Under the arches, and sitting just perfectly under the fender lips, are a quartet of Work Emotion Kiwami wheels all sized up at 18×10.5 +23 in the front and +22 in the back.  The fitment is absolutely on point, and the wheels suit the car perfectly.

Slammed & Fitted Lexus IS from Japan (4)

I couldn’t go too much further without  mentioning the color.  A car’s color will certainly make or break it, and in Kenji’s case the Blonde Mica hue just nailed it.  The cinnamon hue really highlights the car’s aggressive body-lines, and does not hide the subtle, exterior modifications.  Up front, a Lexon lip hangs from the stock bumper while a pair of Charge Speed side-skirts and rear caps round out the lip kit.  The stock headlight housings and tail lights have been treated to a coating of black paint in keeping with current trends in Japan, and a Seibon trunk round out the exterior mods.

Slammed & Fitted Lexus IS from Japan (5)

Clean, simple, on point, aggressive, in your face, Kenji’s IS checks them all.  While simple on paper, the car in the metal leaves a big impression and definitely meets our standards at Stance Nation.  Kenji did a great job of blending Japan’s high-level of fit and finish, and the US’s simple styling to create this one-of-a-kind IS250.  Whether it’s the paint, the wheel fitment, or the overall package of the car, this 2IS meets the standards of the one person who matters most; Kenji’s standards.

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