Couple of months ago this was just another Bentley GT Coupe. Our friends over at VAD Wheels (who are known for building some incredible cars) were given the opportunity to work on it and this is the masterpiece they created. Car has been tuned to 645BHP with VAD enhancements, and although it weighs over 2 tons, it would blow the doors off most things, including the couple Cayenne Turbos that we shared with you not too long ago. Unfortunately we don’t have any engine shots, but these will do.

The GT has been lowered onto its new body (Premier 4509 Wide Body), and although the kit has been fitted a few times before especially stateside, in our opinion it’s never been executed like this. The VAD fellas finished the body with a lick of Lamborghini Grigio Telesto paint. The car rolls on a very impressive set of (not forgetting a world first with the rear set up) DPE Forged SP SCR10 in Gloss Black. What made us fall in love with it even more was the specs. How does 22×10 with 265/30/22 and 22×13 with 335/25/22 sound? On a freaking Bentley! Hit the Read More button for more photos of this beast.