How many of you remember seeing this sexy ride before? We actually featured it earlier this year, but since the car sits much nicer nowadays we figured most of you wouldn’t mind seeing it with its new “stance”. Patrick unveiled his new look at the recent Spocom event (seen here) and we fell in love with it all over again. More negative camber, more low, more wide, and a few other things were added here and there. The final look is simply stunning and were yet again honored to show off Pat’s car with you all. Make sure you watch the video below, and scroll down for some wheel specs.

Photos By: Emil Corpuz & Video By: Jay Mora exclusively for

Since the last feature Patrick has made a switch from coilovers to AirRunner suspension that was installed by the fellas over at Forjworks. He also added the Ingalls camber kit which put him close to double digits of negative camber in the rear when aired all the way out. He also swapped his old wheels for the legendary Work Emotion Xd9’s! Fronts are 18×9 +15 offset with 215/35/18 tires and the rears are 18×10 +18 offset with 225/35/18 tires. As you can see in the photos below, the fitment is near perfect, though after talking with Patrick we learned that a new and more aggressive set of wheels are almost on order! Honestly though we wouldn’t touch a thing, this thing is rad as is.

With that said, make sure you check out the first small feature we did on this thing a few months ago by clicking here and don’t forget to click the Read More button below the image for a few more high quality shots. Big shout out to Emil, Jay and Patrick for making this feature happen!

Patrick wanted to give a few shoutouts as well:

God first for all this Blessings
My Loving wife Josan a.k.a. “Momie”
Hien’s Hondamatic Garage
Ron’s Garage
Team Showcase Hawaii
TSXer’s of Hawaii
Auto Customs
Myroncuz’s Vleds
TSXclub community
Photographers of S:N Emil and Jay
Elvis from Stance:Nation for this opportunity
and to all my friends and family for all the support