The UK has the strongest and most diverse car scene in Europe today. After watching videos and looking at photos from previous Players events, it was clear that this year would have to be even bigger and better and it would be well worth attending. Being greeted by a massive queue of quality modified cars on arrival already met my expectations of the show. Walking around the hangars and airfield looking at the cars up close, it just kept getting better and better. So many quality cars on show, ranging from top dollar Volkswagen restoration builds to beaten up japanese drift cars; every fanbase was somewhat satisfied. Although most of the cars were parked fairly close together, and there weren’t many options for sitting down, it was a great show with great music and plenty of good vibes. I will definitely try and attend again next year but for now, enjoy the photos!

Players Show 2014-1

Players Show 2014-2

Players Show 2014-3

Players Show 2014-4

Players Show 2014-5

Players Show 2014-6

Players Show 2014-7

Players Show 2014-8

Players Show 2014-9

Players Show 2014-10

Players Show 2014-11

Players Show 2014-12

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