Alright, so you’ve heard of Kei Miura and you’ve seen his awesome creations, from the Liberty Walk Lambo’s and GTR’s to the Rocket Bunny FRS/BRZ/86. But what most people don’t know is that Miura designs aero for many other shops and business including the kit you see in front of you for BMW E36’s. Sarto Racing also carries kits for CLK’s which you may have seen before (click here) but I have a feeling not too many of you have seen their E36 kit so why not share it here.



If I had to guess I would say it’s a love/hate thing for many of you. I know that all the Liberty Walk / Rocket Bunny cars are “popular” nowadays (especially online) but something tells me that we won’t be seeing too many of these kits stateside. I’m not saying that because the kit doesn’t look good, but because the E36 crowd is completely different from FRS/BRZ. I would go as far as saying that they almost appreciate their cars’ original lines and curves slightly more than the current FRS/BRZ owners do. The fact that finding clean E36’s nowadays is pretty rare is another issue.


With that said, I personally am a fan of this aero package. For about 3 grand you get front/rear/side bumpers as well as the trunk spoiler and front diffuser. Hit up their website here for more information.



There is no denying that this rear end looks damn sexy! I’m really digging the exposed rivets and the duckbill type spoiler.



I’d love to hear your opinions on this aero so please drop a comment below! Big shout out to Takashi-san for hooking us up with these photos. Enjoy!