We’ve featured cars all over the world, but never anything from Romania. This slammed E46 belongs to a 23 year old firefighter by the name of Tupeu Marius whom we’re sure will make many other Romanians very proud after today. Ever since he fell in love with the “stance & fitment” scene about a year and half ago, Marius has been at work building an E46 that stood out from all others in Romania. The results are awesome. In fact, we love it so much that we are very honored and excited to show off Marius’ hard work with you. The style is bit different from the stuff we see here stateside in our scene (like the shaved door handles), but it works!

Photos By: Tupeu Marius exclusively for StanceNation.com

Most of the dirty work (welding handles, cutting up the fenders, fiberglass work, etc) was done by Marius himself though his crew TeamCSR and UFO Customs Workshop helped with other stuff as well. His girlfriend also helped by polishing all the lips of those sexy Borbets. They specs of the Borbets are 17x 8.5 with -2 offset up front and 17×10 with +3 offset in the back. Front tires are 204/40/17 and rears are 215/45/17. Marius added a touch of camber all around, widened the fenders 2″ in the back & 1″ in the front and slammed the car on a custom made bag setup with uvair bags, viair 380c compressor, and air lift gauges.

The exterior features a ton of changes. An all custom made coupe M-tech 2 front bumper, custom M3 CSL back bumper, custom csl trunk, and retrofitted hood with M3 bulge that was extended above headlights. There are also a few not so obvious things like the painted hood trim with black grille, a custom chopped side mirrors and custom side skirts that sit just mm’s off the ground. Let’s not forget the shaved side blinkers and moldings..

As always we’ll include the full spec list for you on the bottom of this article. We’ll let the pictures do rest of the talking for us but not without giving a huge shout out to all of our Romanian fans of course. If you’ve got an awesome slammed ride make sure you shoot us an email with some photos!

[toggle_item title=”Wheels/Tires/Suspension” active=”true”]Custom front strutbar
Slight camber back and front
Polished Lip Borbet A 17×8.5 & 17×10
215 45 17 rear & 205 40 17 front
Hidened valves for wheels
Custom air suspension with uvair bags, viair 380c compressor, air lift gauges
[toggle_item title=”Exterior” active=”false”]Custom M-tech 2 front
Custom M3 CSL back
Custom CSL trunk
Facelift hood with extended M3 bulge
Painted hood trim with black grill
Custom chopped side mirrors
Custom side skirts
6300k xenon fogs
6500k ccfl angel eyes
100w blue halogen bulbs(for blueish headlights)
Shiny black head-light trim
Smoked side turn lights
Custom full red back lights with white reverse light
Tinted windows 15% back, 35% front
Shaved handles with shaved side trims
Shaved side turning lights
Custom fuel flap with custom hinge
Shaved link between fenders and piece under the trunk/back lights
Widened fenders (2″ in the back, 1″ in the front)
Custom quad exhaust with muffler delete
Silverstone 2 M3 E92 individual paint with saphire black roof
Vorsteiner e92 m3 BMW logo
[toggle_item title=”Interior” active=”false”]Custom back board speaker holder
Custom free-air (woofer) trunk
Full white led interior light
Short shifter
Retrofitted rear electric windows

Dvd 2din JVC avx810
Lightning Audio S4.1000.1D amplifier
Lightning Audio S15.vc2.500w woofer
Lightning Audio S4.65c coaxial speakers in back
Lightning Audio S4.65.3 component speakers in front