We’ve lost count just how many amazing Lexus IS (sedan) builds there are stateside, however when it comes to IS-C (convertible) we can only think of maybe 3-4 that really stand out. Wagons & convertibles don’t typically do too well in the US sales wise, for some odd reason. Could it be the stigma that comes with the said cars?You know, wagons being “family” oriented vehicles, while convertibles appealing mostly to the ladies? We’ll never truly know. What we do know however is that 326 Power builds some of the coolest cars out there, and this time around they’ve gotten their hands on a Lexus IS-C!

While fitment was and always is 326’s main priority, they never disappoint in the exterior department. This time around they linked up with companies like Lexon, Newing & Premiere to put together this super aggressive looking IS-C you see in front of you.

As expected, the car features 326 Power’s wheel line known as Yabaking. This particular Yabaking model is simply called “Spoke” and they come in at an impressive 18 by 11.5J (-47) up front, and even crazier, 18 by 12j (-53) rear!

Out the back, the Mitsuru ryoku wing grabs your attention right away. Easily one of the best looking “universal” wings ever created, but we might be a bit biased..

You tell us?

Absolutely love the side profile of this car. And as with all 326 Power DEMO cars, they’re not complete until they’re equipped with those side stickers. 326 Power has been doing this for over a decade, so don’t think the stickers are there just because they’re “in” right now..

Couple of close-ups of the sticker/vinyl work.

With that said, we would like to ask you, what is your absolute favorite 326 Power built car? Is it the yellow 86? The legendary FC from back in the day when Mitsuru was still drifting? Or is something else? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!