There are so many dang events in California! So how does someone decide which event they should attend, especially if they’re from out of state? How about just taking our word for it and checking out the annual VIP Festival put on by the good folks at Auto Fashion! Not only is it “different” from pretty much every other car show out there but the amount of awesome cars and people that attend this show from all around the world is like no other. So what kind of cars can you expect to see at this show you ask? A handful of SEMA’s dopest cars, but more importantly dozens and dozens of west coast’s finest VIP & VIP styled cars come out and play. There seems to be a lot of negative vibes floating around car crews/clubs lately but to be honest with you, those people are in it for the wrong reasons (hype/e-fame). Car crews such as Liberty VIP, Lowballers, Endless Projects, Pure VIP (and the list goes on) all come together and enjoy each other’s company, year after year! VIP Festival isn’t just limited to VIP cars as you’ll see in the photos, though majority of cars in attendance tend to be in the VIP/VIP Style category. Don’t worry though, even if VIP isn’t your thing you will have a blast checking out widebody Porsches, badass Wagons (like the one below) and even some classic Japanese rides. We would like to send a special shout out to Fred and everyone involved with putting this dope event together. We NEED events like this in the states and we wish nothing but success to the Auto Fashion guys. With that said, kick back and enjoy a few awesome photo shot by our buddy Michael Paragas.















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