Bilsport & Performance Custom Motor Show 2023 Photo Coverage // Part 1.

Please do a simple search for “custom motor show” on StanceNation and you’ll see the type of event you are dealing with here! Just when you think you’ve seen it all, the Custom Motor Show crew turn it up to another level. Dubbed as “one of the best events” by many car enthusiasts & photographers, this years gathering brought out yet another 90,000 + visitors. What makes Custom Motor Show as successful as it is is the huge variety of styles they are able to bring together. There truly is something for everyone as they say. When we asked our photographer Marcus about his thoughts on the event, he said the following; “All I can say is that this was the best Custom Motor Show I’ve attended since I started going there back in 2010.” As expected with events that bring in this sort of crowd, moving around with the camera during the visitor hours can get tricky, but good thing is that all media is allowed 3 hours total when the exhibition is closed to capture as much as they can. With that said, here is part 1 of Marcus captures!

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