Gatebil, truly an event like no other. Or rather EVENTS like no others. Every year Gatebil crew puts on multiple events throughout Scandinavia (6 this year!) and they never disappoint. We’ve featured multiple of their events in the past but for those who aren’t familiar with Gatebil; imagine being able to drive your car on a track, then watch some of Europe’s craziest race cars go full throttle on the same track later in the day. Not only that, but you get to check out 100’s of crazy show cars spread throughout the event venue up close and personal, enjoy crazy festivities with your friends & family and eat/drink all you want. And that’s just the beginning! This is one of those events that words alone never do it justice. Wait, photos or videos don’t do it justice neither but it’s the closest thing most of us will get to experiencing it. As always, Marcus Lundell was in attendance and was kinds enough to share his perspective of the event with us throughout his photos. Make sure you go through all the pages as it get’s better and better page by page! Enjoy.












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