XS Car Night Berlin 2022 // Photo Coverage.

Now that the pandemic is more or less over in Europe, after a two years hiatus, the XS Car Night show is finally back! Not only is it back but it’s back to its original place at The Olympiastadion in Berlin (built in 1936 with a ton of history!). This year also marks the 20 years anniversary of XS Car Night brand (event organizers) so it made this particular event that much more special. Just as you would expected when giving car builders a couple years to work on their cars, this year’s event had some of the sickest cars ever. The track field as well as the outside of the stadium was filled with hundreds of high quality builds from all over Europe. XS CarNight Berlin is a must if you want to know what the European car scene is all about. Doesn’t matter where you are coming from or what type of cars you are into, you’re guaranteed to find a car or two you will absolutely drool over!

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