StanceNation Atlanta 2018 Photo Coverage.

We love Atlanta. We genuinely love Atlanta. The people are extremely kind, the cars are super nice and Atlanta’s chicken & waffles is unlike anywhere else! Ok seriously, we always have a good time in Atlanta even when the spectator or car numbers are lower than we would like them to be. During and after our show we spend time talking to as many car owners as possible and the amount of positive things you guys have to say is overwhelming. We really appreciate you all for that. Our shows wouldn’t be possible without you, please know that. With that said, we do have a business to run and there are a lot of expenses that come along with hosting events such as this one. This years event was a lot smaller compared to last years, which stunk, but we are not going to sit here and blame anyone for it but ourselves. Things will have to change in the future if we want to continue doing things and we hope you guys can understand that. All you should know is that you are all appreciated and that it is & was always an honor showing in your wonderful community.

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