StanceNation Florida 2019 // Photo Coverage.

We don’t believe we’ve ever covered an event in as much depth as this one. And the main reason being the Charis Culture gents Charlton, Steve & Thomas. We were asked if there was anything specific we wanted covered and they did the rest. A ton of epic shots starting all the way from roll in photos, to staging, to event, judging ceremony and a ton of detail & behind the scenes shots in between all of that. Supposedly every single car in attendance has been captured so make sure to look back through all the pages and see if you can find your ride! As always, Florida is one of our favorite stops, not just for the great weather and kind people, but the awesome cars. We don’t know how you guys get away with as much stuff as you do nor do we want to know, but we are loving it! Unlike last year, this year around the weather played nice and we had one of the smoothest stagings we’ve ever had. All in all we couldn’t be more happier with our West Palm Beach show. We certainly hope that you had as great of a time as we did. Sit back and enjoy this unique take on event coverage with close to 700 photos!

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