StanceNation Florida Photo Coverage // Roll-In.

Good things come to those who wait, and we appreciate your patience on our coverage for our show in Florida that we hosted back in May.  Hey, perfect lead-up to our event coming up in just a few weeks in Houston, right?  Anyways, let me say this, Florida, y’all KILLED it!  What an amazing show filled with amazing cars and amazing people.  The quality of cars in attendance was on a level that we haven’t seen before, and for our first time being in the Sunshine State, y’all came out in force.  We’ve broken the coverage down into three parts.  This coverage will be the roll-in portion.  We had our friends over at The Charis Culture in attendance to do media, and they have a knack for capturing parts of events that others overlook.  Roll-in can be a great time to get shots, and the early-morning, Florida light was perfect.  It’s also great to see these awesome cars in motion!  So, sit back, enjoy the coverage, and share with your friends!

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