Another day, another look back at our annual SNJ G Edition event. In our previous post we just finished telling you how epic the Japanese car enthusiasts are. Oh, and how can we forget all the awesome photos by Ozaki san! Today we’ve got another 150+ photos from Yuji Koga, who has been on hiatus for many months now. Events like this not only bring the car enthusiasts together, but friends and international staff members as well. We want to thank all of the StanceNation team for their help and contributions, as well as our Geibunsha partners for doing incredible work with the event organization. Up next we have an event in Osaka, which also happens to be our first event ever in that region of Japan. We’re not too sure what to expect but judging by the past events, we’re certain that it’ll be as epic as one can imagine. As always, enjoy these cool shots by Yuji Koga!

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