I was recently approached by the Hyperfest/Street Driven guys about covering their event on StanceNation and possibly giving out a StanceNation Choice award to someone. Seeing how I haven’t been to the east coast in quite some time I figured why not! Upon arriving at Hyperfest/Street Driven Show Off I was pretty overwhelmed with just how much stuff was happening. To be honest with you I didn’t get a chance to check everything out since I was there for just 1 day and I had to pick my favorite car there (as well as take some photos of the cars that stood out to me) but it truly is an Automotive Amusement Park as HyperFest likes to refer to their events. I should probably mention that the car I chose as the StanceNation Choice car was the black Nissan 350Z. It had the best fitment (close one!) at the show and featured lots of clean custom work (fenders, etc). Just scroll on to page 2 and you’ll see what I’m talking about. With that said, big thanks to Hyperfest/Street Driven guys (as well as Royal Republic guys) for having me there and I look forward to visiting VIR again next year.

Street Driven Show Off-1

Street Driven Show Off-2

Street Driven Show Off-3

Street Driven Show Off-4

Street Driven Show Off-5

Street Driven Show Off-6

Street Driven Show Off-7

Street Driven Show Off-8

Street Driven Show Off-9

Street Driven Show Off-10

Street Driven Show Off-11

Street Driven Show Off-12

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