StanceNation Japan G Edition Nagasaki 2019 Photo Coverage // Part 2.

You didn’t think there would only be 1 part of our Nagasaki event coverage, did you? Today we’ll drop anther 100+ photos and there is even a possibility of part 3 coming your way by this weekend. If you haven’t seen the first set of photos we released make sure you click here. Now that Nagasaki event is over we have already begun planning the next event. For years now we’ve stuck to doing Nagasaki early in the year and closing the year off with an event up in Tokyo, but due to losing the usual Odaiba venue (Tokyo Olympics) we are forced to find an alternative. We’ve got a spot in mind already but unfortunately it is too soon to mention the name. We’re hoping by late August we could announce the venue and event date. Let’s get into the photos now!

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