When the owner of this BMW Z4 first emailed us wondering if his car was worthy of our site, we thought it was a joke. Seeing such a classy European droptop rocking a set of Work wheels instantly brought a smile to our face! This thing is sitting on a custom one-off coilovers that were created by a shop called “peerless”, out in Japan obviously. The Work wheels are of course Meisters in 19×8.5 front & 19×9.5 rears. While the owner didn’t give us the offset numbers, it’s obvious that they’re pretty damn aggressive. They are also wrapped in 215/35/19 & 225/35/19 set of tires. Such a nice ride!

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  1. Colin

    Little spoilers FTW

    Loving the offset. Just enough poke on a nice stretch and baller wheels. I can die happy now.

  2. someguy

    this prooves that the japanese are the kings of stance, it doesnt matter what car it is they will make you jizz in your pants.

  3. dan long

    I have the same car! I love the Z. . .
    looking to low it down like that. . . . . got some idea now. Thanks


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