Ok, so a few of the photos may be a bit overexposed, but we’re pretty sure you’ll still enjoy them. It belongs to our friend Ivan. Well, belonged. You see just days after Steve shot these photos Ivan ended up selling the car. We figured since these are the last photos of the car we might as well show them to you. What we love most about it is the color combo honestly. There are dozens and dozens of G’s out there so standing out from the crowd is a bit tough. The red on gloss/matte black works well on this car, and don’t even get us started on that ridiculous fitment and ground clearance!

Photos By: Banzai Steve exclusively for StanceNation.com

Having gone through several changes within the 2 years of ownership the car currently sits on BC Racing coilovers and a set of Work Equips. They may not be the most original wheels out there but they are certainly one of the best of all time. When it comes to numbers, how does 18×10 with -28 offset and 18×12 with -18 offset sound like? Ridiculous! Check out those gold bolts matching the Brembo brakes!

You can check out a couple more pictures below so make sure you click the Read More button. We can’t stop wondering who the new owner is and if they plan on doing any changes to the car. Big shout out to Ivan and we can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeve next!

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  1. Josh

    seen this G around san antonio area and local meets alll the time. definitely always the cleanest one there. sucks that there is a new owner, probably won’t see it anymore

  2. Rob-Zilla

    more z….now!!!!!!!!….like yesterday….what are you doing reading this…..get the feature for the z stop wasting time lol

  3. marcel

    ooooo my mutha flucking GOD its soooo dammm smexy im dying over here and hell yes full feature on the z please !!!

  4. Zola

    The G35 wasn’t my favourite… until now… that’s the best G35 what i ever seen…

  5. janky garage

    Does anyone know what front bumper that is, or what kind of front lip that is?

  6. Andy

    [Janky garage: Does anyone know what front bumper that is, or what kind of front lip that is? ]

    Its a NISMO front bumper, 1 full piece front bumper.

  7. Gfanatic

    Bro that g Is sickkk as fuckk … I love the z to just wish it had a backbseat jajaj great car bro to bad it going to a different home


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