Thailand has been building some seriously awesome rides lately. As a matter of fact we’ll be featuring many of them in the next few weeks but for now let’s take a look at where their “scene” stands. It’s honestly not our intention to hurt any feelings or offend anyone, but overall, Thailand is miles ahead of us here in the states. We’re talking fabrication, uniqueness, creativity, willingness to push things to another level without waiting for someone else to do it first, etc. As you’ll see in some of these photos everything from one-off body mods to complete front end swaps, all done very tastefully. Not that there is anything wrong with cars that have simple wheels/drop/front lip, but those days are long gone in Thailand. Toyota Camrys with GS/Aristo and Crown front ends to completely retrofitted lights and custom Job Design kits on Accords & Mercedes Benz, Thailand screams quality. One of the reasons for that could very well be a simple fact that here in the states many people mod their cars for wrong reasons. We’ll definitely get into that some other time but for now let’s show some respect to Thailand by dropping a comment on the bottom of this coverage. Many owners of these cars are our good friends and visit StanceNation on daily basis.

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Camber may not be everyones cup of tea but this Accord has a lot more going for it. We’ll be taking a much closer look at it within the next few days so stay tuned.

Beautiful big bodied Crown. This is one of the cars that is most desired by many of our VIP Style fans here in the states. How do you feel about it?

Look at that fender work!

Classy, classy, classy.

More on this car also very soon, stick around!

Wow, amazing! Who would have thought that these Accord sedans could look so damn good? Major props to the owners of these beauties, such incredible builds.

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  1. davidjul

    awesome stuff i wonder if anyone from Hotwheels are viewing the latest trends in camber

  2. marius

    No offence taken. when on the subject of putting massive effort into a car, it becomes a question of: do you have the time, skills, tools and space to do this yourself? yes? great!
    But to most the answer is no, so then the question becomes how cheap is labor in your respective country? just sayin.

    • Wendell

      not really, they just probably have a better economy than the US right now lol

  3. Hector

    Thailand knows how to make some awesome VIP cars! They all look sick as hell!

  4. ray

    wow…very nice show.The honda accord scene is big in NYC because its an affordable car with a lot of potential.Not this insane tho.that red accord looks amazing

  5. sedanman

    The 8th gen accord scene is growing alot the past couple of years. take from me I own one, I ll send some pics to Elvis soon..!

  6. Jeremiah

    The gold/tan Civic’s stance is CRUSHING it!!! Are there more pics of it?

  7. Jeremy

    they must have lots of dough in thailand to complete builds of that caliber!

  8. Dantai

    Thailand goes in their stuff is super clean,way better then the liberty guys over here.

  9. Kriteuro

    Yes we may have cheaper labor than in US. Plus we don’t have labor/hour charge. Therefore, some of you may overlook the tax that we are being charged. Don’t forget that matter. I do not know how much the gen8 would cost in other countries, but it cost just about 1.4million baht or around 46,666$ in Thailand. Those rim cost around 100,000-200,000baht or around 6,600$. To complete each car cost us both large amount of $ and time consuming matter. but it ain’t nothing comparing to the LOVE of making it. Cheers to all . More fitment scene coming up this March. FlushStyle Thailand.

  10. okstance

    i personally hate how all the front bumpers all look like they are the same..for the most part…
    like 90% of them have the horizontal fins and foglights..not that i have any problem with any of the cars. they are all on point–i guess they all just have a similar style and buy same products? it just kinda through me off for a second ^_^

  11. Danny

    Just to say something about their economy. I have been to thailand a couple of times. Their economy is not where ours is.

    It is reasonably cheaper. Dental work is cheaper, health care is cheaper, food is cheaper.. But when it comes to cars. Most everything is universal around the world. A BBK is a BBK, as is a titanium exhaust is a titanium exhaust regardless of what country you live in. I payed $8,500 for my Vellano’s with rubber and I’m sure that they would pay more for a set of Vellano’s out there. After market does not work like most everything else in the world. It holds it’s value and if you want it. You pay for it.

    To be honest, I have seen some of the most gangster cars/trucks out there. I was taken for a ride in a turbo single cab pickup truck and to tell you the truth it was one of the most classy vehicles I have seen to date. Not to mention the power. I was smashed so I couldn’t tell you the make and model. But it was trick and a blast to be driven around in! :-) Let’s not fail to mention that they have some killer roads!!!!

    Hell, even the limo’ services out there have beats and shit on their cruisers.

  12. theBigD

    Thai has it going on real tight. Their scene is looking great. Wish I could go to visit. +1 Reppen Yo.

  13. andy

    If you look at the age group in the U.S. and the amount of money they spend on cars are very much different. Take a look at classic muscle cars and how much these people spend on the builds. Its limitless because the older crowds have set themselves better off financially than most kids below the age of 25 who wish they had the funds to own more than one fully built cars whether it be a show piece or all out time attack or drift car. There is more after market support and people support here in the USA for domestic cars than there is for imports. Look at Jeg’s catalog compared to ours. If I was a parts manufacturing company I would rather cater to the people who actually make me money than a kid who has no money. But what I see in the future is that when we all get older with a more secure job that pays well. We can ball just as hard as them older folks with their collectible domestic cars. Besides Thailand is closer to Japan and can get their parts on cheaper shipping and they don’t have that stupid 25 year rule for car importation like we do.

  14. KoNsHaRa

    Representing Thailand, when it comes to modding cars, we go all the way.
    คนไทย ไม่แพ้ชาติใดๆในโลก

  15. Mitcham

    for those spouting cheaper labour consider that the owners of these vehicles are also living and working in an economy that will pay less for highly skilled workers and that not every street side vendor can pull off some of the paint and interior trimming that seems to be poking out of these badboys.

  16. Mike

    I sent some pics of the meet i was at last year from thailand to SN. Their builds are crazy. I wish they would Thai it up more though. Less japanese buddhist knots and more thai amulets and tassles hanging from the mirrors on the VIP rides. Thailand in general is a far more hustling creative country than the US can ever hope to be. The people there are always thinking always scheming of a new way to make money or business.

    And like on of the Thai guys above said shit over there is not cheap. We have it cheaper here and still do lazy builds. But also most of the guys building those cars are Hi-So and gots the money to do it. And to you guys that think the price is the same here and there, the amount they pay for tax wise for things built out side of the country is enormous. Tax on a new car under 2.0l is 200% this includes after market parts. They have a govt that protects its interest through protective tariffs something the use abandoned a long time ago and has been worse off for it.

  17. luke truehart

    lovin those vans. feature some of them. thats something different and fresh


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