There are people who enjoy building simple builds that usually consist of suspension, wheels and maybe a front lip, then you have people like Takashi who enjoy taking things to a whole another level. People such as Takashi tend to not care what society thinks of their cars. The cars they build attract attention (good & bad), they start controversy on forums and social networks, and most importantly, they build cars the way they want to. It may not be the most liked Silvia stateside (yet), but from what our friends tell us, the Japanese are going crazy over it! With that said, let’s take a closer look at this loud, wild, attention grabbing, 326 Power(ed) Nissan Silvia S15!

We’re pretty sure that many of you guys have seen this car in it’s previous stages. Takashi goes thru wheels and paint every few months it seems. (Click here for a photo of the previous setup) One of the things that we feel must be pointed out a few times is that this thing is coilovers. We wouldn’t usually be making a big deal out of it but this is easily one of the craziest static setups we’ve ever seen. But then again, you can’t expect anything less from full 326 Power suspension, from custom coilovers with super high spring rates, to upper arms and tension rods.

The exterior of this thing is just insane. Takashi literally built the fenders with the intention of running a crazy aggressive wheel setup. Everything from widening of fenders to radiusing was done in order to run some of the most aggressive setups out there. Like this particular set of Work Meister M1R. They are 18×10 all around (which doesn’t seem that aggressive at first until we give you the offsets) with offset of -37 in the front and a ridiculously low -57 in the rear! When it comes to tires, it is running Achilles ATR’s sized in 215/35/18. Which reminds us, is it just us or does there seem to be a huge amount of people that have their doubts in Achilles tires? Achilles tires seem to be a very popular tire to stretch in the land of rising sun and if we’ve learned anything by now it is that Japanese know everything in stretch/fitment department. With that said, go ahead and show some love to Achilles here stateside.

We almost forgot to mention that the car is also running one of our favorite S-Chassis kits. Yes, you guessed it right, it’s the legendary 326 Power Aero! We weren’t the biggest fans of those fake vents at first but overtime they have definitely grown on us. We would love to hear what you think about the kit so drop your comments below! Oh before we forget, the front fenders are one-off, built by Takashi and his friends at D/L/K!

Oh you thought that stance was just for shows? Takashi drives his S15 all over Japan at the same height. Ridiculously low. Check out these photos he shot just for us couple of weeks ago. We also have a little surprise for you towards the bottom of the page so make sure you check that out.

In the 7 years that Takashi owned his s15, it have gone thru almost 5 completely different stages. You kind of wonder what is up next when you see stuff like this right? Well, we did at least, and when we asked Takashi that, he simply told us that some day he wants to throw in a “V12 engine” of some kind. We’re dead serious.

We are going to leave you here with a huge thanks to our new friend Takashi and the entire D/L/K crew! Expect more features from these guys right here on StanceNation! If you think your car has what it takes to be on our site make sure you email us at Make sure you include a few photos and your spec list as well as any other information we should know about you or your car. We’re always looking for cars to feature! In the meantime we’ll see you guys over on our facebook.

18 Responses

  1. scaifey86

    such a cool car it’s cool that its not only driven, but drifted often as well
    and with the atr’s, which he is running on the front, are said to have a comparably soft sidewall for a sport’s oriented tyre, hence they stretch rather well

  2. Barnee

    The front fenders seem to be almost rubbing the tires.
    I know it has some crazy camber, but still how can he turn the wheels even a tiny bit??

    My car has a similar stance, although on bags, but this one just beggars belief!

  3. Jarrod

    that’s a street sweeper, for real. hahahahah SO sick. a little too much camber for my taste, but still sick as hell!

  4. Lukas

    I like so much. But i don’t like the camber of wheels. Hella flush style? I prefer performance. Not to show.

  5. LeftLaneDriver

    Should have took night shots would have looked sick because of his green headlights.

  6. IMO

    Normally stuff like this doesnt do much for me, but the paint on the pillars that make it look more like a very done up 180 really set it off. As a car it seems more of a work of art than even a show car, I applaud the builder and his job well done, some how he perfectly pulled together the bright green strange body kit, and over cambered wheels. Though looks like that white one, the pillar paint really just makes this car perfect.

  7. Ben

    Ok this is one fucking sick ass car. A car that has been totally modified to the kind of characteristics it offers is something that will deffinitley go in my books for a car i want. All around it is a pretty amazing build. Yes, I am suprised by some of the modifications and I would never really have thought of those kind of tires on a car like this. It kind of blows my mind but thats only one of the things that pretty amazing about this car. I would love to see more and hear about more.

  8. Arthur

    Looks too square from the back. the rest is pretty sick though.

  9. shawn

    THE SLAMMED AND HELLA FLUSHED THREAD ENDS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. bluewolf02

    If this is rice, then call me a ricer! THIS IS HOW YOU BUILD CARS, not with fake parts and cheap performance add-ons, I can’t even begin to image the attention to detail this thing has. And it’s not even all show it’s ALL GO as well, and he dailies it?! Respect.

  11. Fliimsy

    i can hear what you guys are saying, but without the wheels and the stance, this car is awful. the kit’s horrible, the colour doesnt look that great, and i can guarantee the handling sucks. sorry, rant over.


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