Not a fan of excessive negative camber? This feature probably isn’t going to interest you much, but we still urge you to check it out and be as open minded as you can. Majority of us Americans seem to have an extreme amount of hate towards Oni Kyan (aka Demon Camber). It has been on the rise in Japan for the last few years and it is slowly but surely spreading throughout rest of the world. Back in late 2010 we pointed out that it was just a matter of time before we start seeing more of this “trend” in the states here and sure enough we saw it (click here). Judging by where this scene of ours stands at the moment, we’re pretty confident that by the end of this year we’ll have a handful of guys sitting in the high teens and a couple even in the -20 plus of camber. Enough of that for now though! Let’s take a look at our friend Lhee’s ridiculously slammed & camber(ed) Toyota Crown. Reppin’ his country of Thailand proudly.

Photos By: Lhee exclusively for

Thailand doesn’t get nearly as much credit as they should, which is why we are here. Their stance scene mostly consists of small to midsize sedans, ranging from Vios & Civic (shown here) to Accords & Camrys (shown here). Big bodied Japanese sedans aren’t as popular in Thailand simply because the import tax is extremely expensive. Don’t even get us started on the maintenance, insurance & fuel consumption! Fortunately enough, Lhee was able to import this beautiful Crown to Thailand. Being a custom automotive shop owner himself, the car didn’t stay stock for long. One of his main goals was to bring extreme negative camber to the shores of Thailand, which he nailed!

All of the camber and suspension work is completely custom. Finished in-house at his “Hop Up Air Suspension” shop. At the moment he is running -15 degrees in the front and a ridiculous -19 degrees in the rear. That’s about 1/4th of those massive rear tires having contact with the ground. With the excessive amount of camber, it only made sense to also go crazy with wheels. His choice was none other then Trafficstar STR’s. Fronts sit at 19×10.5 with an offset of -23 while the rears sit at 19×12 with a mind blowing -54 offset. The tires Lhee is running are 225/35/19 up front and 275/30/19 in the rear. Slight fender radiusing and widening was also a must have on his list.

Custom is the name of the game. Lhee has always been a fan of taking already made stuff and making it his own. The entire K-Break kit that this Crown is rocking has been customized. Front, sides and rear. Cut up, molded. etc.

Same goes for all thie lights on the car. Headlights, blinker/corner lights & taillights have all been swapped out for custom LED ones that Lhee did himself.

We’ll conclude this feature by giving a huge thank you to all of our friends from the beautiful country of Thailand. Also a huge thanks to our friend Q and of course Lhee himself for making this feature happen. We hope that you can take a minute and think back a few years ago when the fitment/stance scene was barely existent in the states. The thought of people having any negative camber on their cars was absurd. Stretched tires? Don’t even get us started. We’ve come a long way here in the states in the recent years and we shouldn’t stop now. We need to continue to push the envelop and be creative with our cars. If Oni Kyan is what it takes, then so be it.

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