Unlike yesterday where it was all about Euros, today we’re taking you all the way to Japan to check out some of their amazing VIP cars. This particular event goes by the name do K-Break Sedan Festival and it brings out some of the finest cars that Japan has to offer. Hundreds of cars from all over Japan, some pushing the scene boundaries and others sticking to the more traditional styling. Whatever you may be into, there is something for you. Huge thanks for our Japan based photographer Takashi Fukui for all. The photos!

Photos By: Takashi Fukui exclusively for StanceNation.com

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    • Dan

      Completely agree. I like cars that sit low, but for the sake of a few extra millimetres, I’d rather have a car that looks drive-able.

    • Super Him

      It’s not a “fad” that is “getting” ridiculous. This style is decades old in Japan. You guys are just finally hearing about it because of the internet. Don’t worry, in a decade your vip scene will look like something inspired from this, and you’ll be hating on whatever the Japanese are doing then… just like right now. All your “JDM” inspired by Japanese tuning from when I was a teen, and back then it was all gay to Americans.

    • RVAjdmkid804

      Completely agree it looks out of place i like more smooth clean looking cars

  1. Дима

    Просто слюнки бегут. Где бы денег взять на такую красату?

  2. luke truehart

    lexus and wald ftw. Has anyone seen any hyundai eqquos in a VIP style. I remember seein that car in a showroom and vip is first thing that came to mind. Its a poor mans rolls . It looked pretty sick and even the back seats reclined and had leg area lift up a lil like a real recliner and had heat/ac/ and massage seats.and rolled on 20’s stock.

  3. Hayden

    Naaa, sorry guys, but I think the Neg camber thing is seriously cool and super fun. My car is low and I choose not to run camber because I cannot afford to replace tyres every two weeks, I don’t really support it on daily rides. But you have to remember that 90% of us on the roads are not petrol heads and do not get auto modification – for this reason, maaad camber is one of the biggest head turning mods because its just not normal! People don’t understand it which I think is part of the fun. Therefore, when it comes to show cars n things, I say do it :) The majority of cars (not all but certainly the larger percentage) you see in these articles are NOT daily’s anyway so practicality is not at the top of the builders priorities. All in my humble opinion.


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