Yes, this is a Prius being featured on a car site that’s not Consumer Reports.  In pretty much all areas of the automotive culture, the Toyota Prius is frowned upon.  Whether it’s the overly-conscious environmentalist owners, or the fact that the car is about as fun to drive as hitting your face with a hammer, or a combination of the two, all we know is that the number of Priuses (how do you even pluralize Prius anyways?) being featured for being custom is pretty slim.  Well, that’s about to change…

This story takes us back to one of our favorite places in the world, Japan.  Yes, we like Japan a lot, so I’ll spare you the details and ramblings about how much we love that country and its people.  Leave it to Japan to start taking these mundane, gas-saving, electric-hybrid commuters, and start making them actually cool to drive.  Even a few, brave souls here in the US have been taking the Prius and adding their personal touch to them, and…dare I say it…I actually like what I’m seeing.




Japan being Japan though, they had to go over-the-top of course.  No simple slam on air, some nice wheels, and a clean body kit would suffice.  Our friends at KUHL Nagoya really wanted to change the image of the Prius, and give it a serious dosage of bad-attitude.  When going through the KUHL Prius, it’s more of a game of spot what hasn’t been changed.  These guys have gone through everything, and it seems to get more and more extreme the more you uncover.  If the super-aggressive, GT-inspired exterior isn’t enough, the air install in the car will literally floor you.  So let’s get on with the goods shall we?



The KUHL crew definitely followed a GT-style build with the exterior of the car which is a stark contrast to a stock Prius.  The KUHL Prius features pretty much the whole catalog of Prius bits including the KUHLHYBRID 30R-GT Wide-body kit which includes the front bumper, side-skirts, rear bumper, rear diffuser, front diffuser, front fenders, door extensions, and rear fenders.  The car also features a KUHLHYBRID aero hood, swan-neck, carbon fiber GT-wing, and a one-off, titanium muffler system.  Some serious, custom lighting is also featured on this Prius.  Audi 3 headlights have been retro-fitted into the stock Prius housings along with acrylic LED plates.  One-off KUHL LED tail lights adorn the rear along with a Valenti LED rear fog-light in the center of the rear bumper.  The exterior was then wrapped in Mustardrun Matte Gold vinyl with KUHL graphics overlaid on the wrap.  The result is one of the most aggressive Priuses I’ve ever seen, and has me seeing the cars in a whole different way.



With such an aggressive body, the stance had to be on point as well.  This is where KUHL turned to our mutual friends at Air Runner Systems.  The car features their Version S air-suspension system, but that’s about all the similarities it has with an off-the-shelf kit from Air Runner.  The team at KUHL once again got a little crazy with the install.  With air suspension being so popular nowadays, people are no longer just doing standard installs.  The installs themselves turn into their own little builds with custom tanks and intricate hard-line setups taking center stage.  The boys at KUHL really went crazy with this one to show the rest of the world that Japan can play too when it comes to custom air installs.




Centered around an Air Runner Version S kit, the KUHL kit features no less than four, four-gallon stainless air tanks, each fed by their own Air Runner Quick Compressor.  The kit is mounted on its own, stainless steel display which dominates the rear of the car along with the custom roll-cage.  For air-management, the Prius has four ACC manual switches, and the incredibly stunning hard-lines for everything done by the KUHL team.  Framed by the polished cage complete with pie-cut bends, air installs don’t come much more intricate than this.


With the suspension dialed and the body on the floor, it was time to address the rolling stock of this Prius.  Work Gnosis CV203s in their brushed finished were employed at all four corners coming in at 19×10.5 all around, but with staggered offsets of 0 in the front and -20 in the rear.  Framed by the massive rollers is an ARMA big-brake kit with 4-pot calipers in front with 345mm discs, and 2-pot calipers in the rear with 335mm discs.  To get the desired camber, the team at KUHL got a little creative.  They narrowed and cut the rear beam-axle 10mm to achieve the -10 degrees of camber out back, and fabricated custom camber plates up front to achieve the -5 degrees which allow the wheels to tuck in at full drop.


With Priuses like the KUHL Hybrid GT 30 (as it is aptly named) I can see people’s opinions of these cars changing.  Companies like KUHL and Liberty Walk take a much more aggressive approach while others like Aimgain give them a more elegant treatment.  Bottom line is that these companies are taking a car that is generally disliked by the automotive community and giving them a new lease on life instead of being a redundant, gas-efficient commuter.  Not gonna lie, if I could have a Prius like this, I’d definitely rock it to work every day.  Wouldn’t you?



WORK Gnosis CV203 Brushed 19” F: 10.5J+0 / R: 10.5J-20
Tires: ATR Sport F:235/35-19 R: 235/35-19

AirRunner Ver. S air Suspension system
4 Quick Air Compressors
4 ACC Stainless steel 4 gal. tanks
2 ACC dual needle analog gauges
4 ACC manual switches
KUHL One-off Aluminum had line air management
KUHL One-off 10 degree cambered rear axle & 10mm narrow
KUHL one-off 5degree cambered front suspension

ARMA Brake kit (F: 4pot / R 2pot F345/ R335 slit rotor)


KUHLHYBRID 30R-GT Body kit 6pcs kit (Front / Sides/ Rear/ Front Diffuser/ Rear Diffuser)
KUHLRACING Swan neck Carbon GT Wing
KUHLRACING One-off 4 tail slush muffler

KUHL One-off Audi 3 square head lights & Acrylic plate head light
KUHL Black chrome innered Saber LED Tail lights
VALENTI Clear red chromed LED Back fog light
BEATSONIC Dolphin antenna
MUSTARDRUN Matte Gold metallic full wrap with KUHL Decals

KUHL one-off All Stainless steel 20pcs roll cage
2 BRIDE LOWMAX Full bucket seats (VIOS III Japan model)
HPI Racing harness
3 BLITZ Racing meter SD (Water temp/ Voltage/ vacuum)
LUNA Rear Carbon interior panel
MOMO Deep corn steering
WORKS BELL Rapfix II Steering wheel hub Spacer

Under The Hood:
KUHLHYBRID Engine & inverter cover
KUHL Power up & tuning menu (KUHLHYBRID Race tip/ KUHLHYBRID Big throttle / SAMCO intake hose/ HKS Power Filter

30 Responses

  1. Hienkel Smith

    Not gonna lie, i still hate it. It’s basically advanced rice, all show, no go. No matter how hot you make a prius look it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a more boring method of commuting than walking. People will look at you in this and think “Oh is he cruising? oh wait HAHAHAHAHAHA he’s going full speed what a ricer”. 0/10 would not drive.

    • tapeman

      Gotta agree, all I could think was “how is this not rice?” He’s got a ridiculous aero kit on a fucking prius, most of the fins are parallel to the ground too, so all they’re going to do is add drag and make the car even slower. That cage looks functional, but why did they have to put 8 angled cuts into every notch? Are pipe benders too mainstream these days? Whatever, do what you want to do with your car, I just hope this guy can handle the feedback and doesn’t start screaming HATER every time someone points out that it’s rice.

    • Nick

      What you need is to respect the level of craftsmanship on the car. Not all cars need to “go”
      The builder of the car clearly knows how to show something that shows his work and talent .
      This is not an easy build and of course not riced out!

    • Chris

      You’re dying to drive this. I bet it’s faster than your car. So stop hating…

      • Hienkel Smith

        Keep calm bro. I drive my dad’s old 2009 S550 Merc. It’s not stanced or has $3000 rims on it or anything but it’s pretty quick, and good looking to boot. Sadly it’s a tad on the obnoxious side and it drinks gas like a tank but i still wouldn’t trade it for this car.

    • Kyle Burbank

      I agree with you.
      The entire build seems race inspired. Huge wings, crazy downforce adding bits all over the place, cf panels, big ass brakes, cage.
      I kept reading looking to see what engine they swapped in, or what sort of madness they did to the stock one to match these looks.

      Pretty disappointing, ESPECIALLY if you could see how much cash they dropped on this without adding any performance.
      And yes, its their car, they can do what they want with it.
      But what’s the point of making a statement with a Prius, if the statement isn’t “look, Prius’ CAN be fast”

    • Simon

      Hey man I know where you are coming from, but I am going to have to 100% disagree with you. Ricers are more of a POS car that has been hacked up, and looks ridiculous. This car on the other hand isn’t trying to be fast it is simply for show. You really cannot compare this beauty to a ricer car.

    • Travis

      Smith wtf are you talking about???

      This Pruis is bad ass 10/10. and the fact you “hate” a car just show how ignorant you are. GTFO

  2. chance

    I think its an awsome execution of paying attention to minute details. Regardless of the platform, the body work, paint, trunk set up, and even the cage is a true expression of dedication and artistic expression. Just my .02$. Awsome job.

  3. Ivyn Taasin (@IvynSTEEZ)

    Does not impress me at all. The owner took what little function this car may have had away. Sure it looks neat, but it’s still all show and no go.. It had more “go” before all this. Aside from it being eye candy, if asked if I were to own one if these that looked like this. My answer would be a definite NO

    • Travis

      UM… most stanced cars are show>go whats wrong with you people. YOU guys need to stop hating on this Pruis better this then another civic.

  4. Ryan Stewart

    Quite frankly it’s the same as a decked out ruckus. Took away all the practicality of the vehicle which was it’s beauty. And a “GT inspired” body kit, just like a fat rear tire on a single-sided swing arm and a huge pipe, it implies some sort of performance ability. Not everything has to have “go”. Think Lincoln Continental, all about low and slow. It’s when you try and give the image of performance without backing it up that people have an issue. A Prius can be made to be cooler than it comes from the factory, just don’t try and make it something it’s not, unless you’re going to back it up. McLaren P1 dual motor swap… Then you earn that aggressive style… Would rather walk than be seen in that!

  5. fanboi

    LOL @ dudes criticizing about a car that is more show than go on a stance website. most of the cars featured on here are more show than go.

  6. Brandon

    I hope you guys know Stancenation is literally form > function lol

  7. Samantha Bishop

    I drive a prius & LOVE this car. I really don’t understand why people act like priuses are slow though. I can get my 2010 prius to 105mph with zero effort in the eco mode. They really don’t fit the stereotype people have given them. I can’t wait to build my prius & break necks like this one.

    • Dante

      haha I am pretty sure any car can get up to more than 100 mph.
      The question is, did you achieve this downhill? Did it take you more than 5 min reach that speed?
      I am not hating, it’s just funny hahahaha

  8. Travis

    10/10 <3

    LOL at all the butt hurt people mad that a Pruis is shitting on their ride! All show no go and its a Pruis. Haters and mad their car cant get a page on this website :P

  9. Neo

    So I hardly know a thing about cars but I have always wanted a Prius (And get tons of crap for it lol) but all you guys seem to be pretty knowledgeable and not like the performance of the Prius. So tell me, by saying it’s not fast and all that do you just mean for going high speeds or even for casual use? Like for normal driving, including 70mph or so on the freeway, does the Prius have any trouble or would it be fine for me?

    I just want to get from one place to the next in a car that is visually appealing and I love the look of this car without mods and love it more with mods.

    Also I may have just missed it somewhere but how much does a car like this cost? My guess is well above the normal price of a prius but I’m curious.

    Thank you!


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