This past Saturday, hundreds of Euro Car fanatics/owners gathered together once again at the Grain Belt Brewery in Minneapolis, MN for EuroWerks’ sixth year running, and the cars did not disappoint. The show consisted of 100+ show cars, a few clothing vendors as well as car part vendors, etc; Major events like EW are rarely seen around the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area, mainly local car meets or get togethers. When we have car shows like this , Minnesotans come in full force to show off their pride and joy’s of gorgeous, fast, stanced, classy cars. Throughout the show they also held a “car limbo” competition, for those who wanted to participate with their cars to see just how “low” they could go. Some participants thought if they piled into a couple of the cars involved they could make it lower, and they definitely did! Scroll down for couple photos of that. For those in the midwest who didn’t get to make it out to this event, kick back and enjoy this coverage and stay tuned for future events!

Photos By: Mike Phetdara exclusively for