Contrary to popular belief, the Mid-West is not all corn fields and prairie that also doubles as the frozen tundra for six months out of the year.  We don’t all farm for a living, and our tractor to person ratio is not 1:1.  When people think of the Mid-West car scene, the big name that pops to mind is Chicago.  The windy city does do it big, but let’s not forget the rest.  The Mid-West car scene is eclectic with so many different styles and genres coming together.  There’s a not-so-small, small town in eastern Wisconsin that plays host to an annual gathering of Volkswagen and Audis.  A laid-back, home-grown show, Dubs in the Valley has grown into regular stop for mid-west showgoers, and now welcomes anything cool that’s on wheels.  With one of the most welcoming atmospheres at a show ever, killer live music, food & drinks from the top-class restaurant that is the hosting venue, and said venue along the river, and you’ve got yourself a one-of-a-kind show.  Forget west-coast, east-coast, and down south, this is how we do it in the mid-west.

Photos By: John Krueger exclusively for

Dubs in the Valley started out as just that; a gathering of Dubs in a valley.  As the years passed, and the event grew, a new location was found and has played the generous host for the last few years.  Becket’s Restaurant is located right next to the Fox River in downtown Oshkosh, WI, and the City Center parking structure have proven to be a welcoming home to DIV.  The show attracts the finest VWs and Audis from across the mid west, and with a new exhibition class, non-euro owners are welcome to showcase their cars as well.  Despite having a heavy, euro focus, the show organizers and participants welcome everyone with open arms and open minds.  We’re all in this for the love of cars remember?

The cars themselves were impressive to say the least.  When it comes to euros, the mid west certainly does them right.  Some of the big-name mid west crews were in attendance; VdubChicago, Clean Schnitt, MadSpeed, and Lower Standards just to name a few, and the cars in attendance definitely brought both quality and quantity.  DIV is a must attend show for the mid-west, and hopefully the coverage here helps drive home that point.  Enjoy

Further Performance’s wrapped Golf R sports a host of goodies from APR, Bilstein coilvoers, and some custom Forgeline 3-piece wheels.

Bagged mk6 tucking all four, looking clean.  OEM+ defined.

mk2 and BBS RSs are a match made in heaven.  About as classic as it gets.

DIV also welcomes non VWs and Audis.  Subaru STI from The Affiliated looking good on Work Meisters.

wide-body and air-assisted mk4 GTI had its fitment on point.

this classic Chevy C10 was a personal favorite of mine.  Some nice patina and dumped on air made for a cool combo.  Farm-truck cruisin’ mid-west style!

this Jetta is always cool to see.  To those not in the know, it looks like a bagged Jetta.  This car sports a lot of euro touches and exterior pieces, but the coolest touch being a RHD conversion on the inside.

timeless mk3 Jetta with custom, 16-inch, 3-piece Lorinser wheels.

Hondas and shaved bays are a classic match too.  The Cookies N’ Cream valve cover was awesome.  With a little bit more work, this bay will be stunning.

speaking of shaved bays, it doesn’t get much better than this.  Color-coded VR6 in a mk2 GTI.

a GMW?  How does a LS6-powered E36 sound?  Mid-west muscle and Euro styling combined.

another of that VR6-swapped mk2.  Rallye front-end, air-ride, BBS RSs, and a gorgeous brown interior.  This car took home the best interior award.

another car Further Performance brought was this mk4 R32 golf which has a built motor, Precision turbo, and custom Tracer Tech-2 wheels.

this VW Caddy belongs to Mr. Ben Kwitek who’s one of the show’s organizers.  A great mix of hot-rod and euro style, this is what the mid-west is about.

this timeless mk2 would later win the Best-in-Show trophy.  A classic car with all the right touches.

this mk2 took home the Best Engine Bay award.  The only place I find smoother bays are on Honda builds.  Seriously, I even question how some of these run with how minimal the bays are.  It’s all about what you don’t see.

That wraps up our coverage.  It was another great year, and I can’t wait for next year.  If you’re a mid west resident, I seriously suggest you check out this one.  For more info, head over to