Low and Go? Can there be such a thing?  Well according to Ty Okamoto the answer is YES! Hailing all the way from Japan, he sat out to build a car that could be driven daily as low as possible and still be able to slide around during weekend drift sessions.  Ty believes there is no point in owning a car that is too low to drive and enjoy, otherwise you just own a two ton paper weight.  “What’s the fun in building a car that never gets driven? Cars were built to be driven, so why not drive it like you stole it.”


The 240 is truly the blank canvas of the tuner world. It’s chassis is just so versatile.  Drift, drag, street, show, you name it, the 240 has been used for it all.  Visually the car’s lines make it so appealing to a variety of tuners. They are simple, yet almost 20 years later, the car still looks current.  Ty’s S14 incorporates simple key mods to help achieve his look of a balanced ride. He has restored this 98 240 to its former glory by replacing everything on the car, every seal, every piece of plastic inside and out. Literally.



Often times here in the States, we draw inspiration from Japan when it comes to modding cars.  It’s something about the land of rising suns, their culture and style just pulls you in like a magnet.  However the USDM style is very popular over in Japan, which is what Ty used when building his S14. Fitting the car with USDM spec Kouki front and rear bumpers was just the start.  The custom Rocketbunny front and rear over fenders help to give the car a more aggressive stance, especially with the exposed rivets on the rear overs.  These fenders are needed to help Ty fit his Work -XX wheels that are 18 x 10.5 in the front and 18 x 12 in the rear.  To finish off the look Ty got the entire car painted BMW’s Imperial Blue.


Under Ty’s hood you’ll find a SR20 black top fitted with basic performance bolt-ons from Greddy. He figures if it ain’t broke why fix it?  The SR is pretty potent even in stock form and definitely has the power needed to break the tires loose and slide the rear around.


The interior is pretty standard when it comes to modified cars nowadays.  The OEM front seats have been replaced with VIOS III buckets from BRIDE.  Ty ditched the stock steering wheel for a Nardi 330mm with red stitching.  He then used an old In4mation sweatshirt to reupholster the door cards, giving the car that extra piece of character.


Ty’s 240 gets the job done and in true Japanese fashion, it does it well.  The car was built with a purpose other than e-fame.  The car may come off as simple at first, but simple works. The language of subtlety is one that is often misunderstood by most.  You don’t always need the flash to stand out from the crowd, and in this day and age a simple car is actually quite visually refreshing. Especially in Japan.





Work VS-XX F 18×10.5 +2 R 18×12 0
Megan Racing Drift Spec
Strut brace Megan Racing
Upper Mount Megan Racing

Rocket Bunny Fenders
Imperial blue (BMW)

Nardi sports 330mm
Bride Vios III Japan
OEM US Nissan seatbelts

Nismo Flywheel
Greddy IC
Greddy Filter
Greddy Boost Controller
Custom one off exhaust