StanceNation Japan G Edition Nagasaki 2018 Photo Coverage // Part 1.

As some of you know by now, every year we do about 4 to 5 events stateside, and 3 in Japan. The 3 in Japan are obviously hosted in different parts of Japan. The biggest one in terms of quantity of cars and visitors is our Odaiba event which is located in the greater Tokyo area. We host that event at the end of the year. Second event of the year as well as second in terms of size is our Osaka event, which is about 600 cars spread out over two days. That leaves us with the season opener and one of our favorite events of the year which is located at Huis Ten Bosch (in the greater Nagasaki area). There are many reasons why we enjoy this particular event but one of the biggest reasons is that we get to see a ton of cars that are typically not shown at other major car events. We will most likely be breaking this coverage into 3 and/or possibly 4 different parts since we have a ton of photos to share. Today however we will be looking at a few photos that our good friend JC (Work Wheels Japan official photographer) captured, so sit back and enjoy!

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