HotSprings 2018 // Photo Coverage.

What we have for you today is truly a one of a kind event. Contrary to popular belief, this event is not what one would consider an “official” Work Wheels event but it’s rather organized by a couple of “hardcore Work Wheels fans”. After showing Work Wheels they’re able to bring together 100’s of cars with Work Wheels, the wheel company decided they want to be involved and make the event even more epic! Work Wheels now promotes the event on all their platforms, displays one of the biggest booths we’ve ever seen including pretty much every single wheel that’s currently on the market, and many cool giveaways! Best way to describe this event is a gathering of cars & owners. Spectator numbers are smaller than your typical events in Japan as the event is held pretty far from any major city. The great Chika Tanaka (President of Work Wheels) also attends the event and gets time to chat with fans and check out their cars! All in all it’s just a cool event that every car enthusiasts would appreciate regardless of whether you own Work Wheels or not. We’re looking forward to seeing the growth of this cool event next year!