Less is More // BMW x Mercedes Benz.

Less is more. We hear it all the time, but what does it really mean? It depends who you ask, but if you’re to ask us, we would tell you that this Benz & BMW dup fit the description better than anything else. The ability to bring out so much style out of a vehicle with minimal mods is something that only a small percentage of car enthusiasts can pull off. In our opinion, it’s actually relatively simple to do, though it requires just the right combination of parts, colors, sizes etc. Throwing the most expensive parts on the car doesn’t necessarily give it character/individualism and that’s something that quite a few car owners don’t seem to understand.

Let’s start with the Benz for example. On surface it appears to be nothing more than a wheel/drop (in a way it is) but there is no denying that seeing this car on the street or at a show will put a smile on your face.

What’s even more impressive is that it’s essentially a base model Benz (not an AMG). Specifically, it’s a 2017 (C238) E-Class coupe. Most of the hard work done to this car is hidden behind those Nizo Low Dot Code (forged) wheels. To achieve such dramatic stance the owner had to make a complete custom set of arms as well as modify the 326 Power coilovers.

That’s really all there is to it. It’s simple, it’s clean and one car argue that it will withstand the time better than majority of the widebody builds.

This 2016 BMW 435i isn’t as simple as the Benz is though there isn’t a whole lot more to it than what your eyes can see. And there is nothing wrong with that. Allow us to show you why..

Exterior features include some “mild” fender work (roll/trim) combined with 3D Design carbon fiber lip kit (front/sides). Car sounds just as good as it looks thanks to a full Armytrix exhaust plus an Injen intake.

Just like the Benz, car sits planted to the ground thanks to a customized set of 326 Power coilovers and a set of BC Forged wheels.

And there you have it. Less is More. But that obviously comes with conditions, those conditions being a clean ride coupled with just the right amount and choice of mods.