“It’s too bad we don’t have these stateside!” That’s usually the thing we Americans like to say when we see a photo of a VW Scirocco. It really is ashame though as Scirocco is one of the best looking cars that VW has made as of late, in our opinion. Low roof line, incredibly wide rear end, and extremely sharp front end. Our good friend Tsuyoshi from Japan sent us some photos of his ride just last week and we’re excited to share it. If you didn’t know by now Japanese seem to be really digging what we do with our cars here stateside, from stickers to roof racks and even American brand wheels such as CCW & Rotiform. With that said, the excessive stickers are a bit too much for us as well, but we understand the story behind them so it’s no biggie. Now, take a look at the insane fitment that Tsuyoshi managed to achieve! If you own a bagged Euro and you aren’t sitting on your wheel barrels, you’re doing it wrong.

Photos By: Kumax exclusively for StanceNation.com

Custom ACC Airrunner setup with notched front subframe and a set of OZ Racing ‘Futura III’ wheels in 18×9.75 front and 18×10.75 rears wrapped in 215/40 and 235/40 rear Toyo tires do the job. When aired out all the way, rear fenders sit nicely in between the tires and wheels for that epic “lip to fender” look! Tsuyoshi also mounted a REMUS exhaust which screams just right, whether it’s idling or ripping down those famous Japanese highways we’ve all seen online! You’ve got to love what Japan is doing!

FATMOON took care of the interior and many other cosmetic changes. We don’t have interior only shots, but make sure you click Read More to check out other photos that show the inside of the car. Big shout out to Kumax for the awesome photos and of course Tsuyoshi for getting in touch with us and supporting what we do. Stay tuned as we’ll be showing off that epic NSX that you’re all so eager to see.