One of many of our awesome fans form Japan, Junzo shot us an email recently asking if his car is good enough to get some exposure on our site. Of course it is, everyone needs to see this R32. The car is fitted with a set of CCW LM20’s in brushed gold. 18×9 in the front, and 18×10 in the rear. The car is in pristine condition, and while it looks like a garage queen, the car is driven all over Japan, and Junzo even tracks this thing! Click the above image for high resolution!

Check out all the crazy stitching that was done to the interior, thing is freaking crazy! The car is pretty much inspired by our USDM “fitment” scene here, just check out the Cali plates and the Yakima rack he is rocking. The interior was done by the amazing Robson Leather guys and the suspension was taken care of by the fellas at Kansai Japan.

The Toyos 215/35R18 & 225/35R18 seem like a perfect stretch on these CCW’s.

Clean bike sitting on the roof rack at times. PS: CINELLI brand by the way.