How do you make something that’s already perfect, even better? You take a stock Lexus LS460 and you throw on a classy body kit such as this Job Design one. You don’t stop there though, up next comes the elegant set of VIP Modular wheels, named the VR15. All you really need to know is that you’re looking at a 2009 Lexus LS460 unlike any other in the states at the moment. Every little thing you see on this car simply screams elegance & perfection, from the Custom Big Brake System to the amazing design of the VR15 wheels with their 6 inch lips in the rear and the beautiful 5 spoke design. We could really keep going and going forever, but we’d rather let the following pictures do the talking.

Sitting Right:
22×10.5 (f) VIP Modular VR15 (5 Inch Lip)
22×12 (r) VIP Modular VR15 (6 Inch Lip)
– JIC Magic FLT-TAR Coil Overs
– Phantom Cup Kit Bag-Less Air Suspension

Big thanks to our good friend Jerry Troung for the great photography. Make sure you check out his site by clicking here.