This is literally a complete opposite of a car than the RX7 we shared with you yesterday. You’re looking at a Toyota Vios (also known as Yaris in the states here) that’s been slammed & fitted the right way! Want to take a guess at where this thing is from? Would you be surprised if we told you it was from Thailand? That’s right, the same country that brought us all those slammed Accords & Camrys is back with an insanely aggressive Vios! Whether this is something you’re feeling is your call of course, we’re just trying to keep things fresh and open peoples minds to other things. Oh and yes, we’re loving this!

Photos By: Bezy Photography exclusively for

One of the first things you’ll notice is that the car seems much wider. That’s because Gaphy (owner) widened all of the fenders to fit the massive 15×9 Volk TE’s with -12 offset all around. Yes, we did just use the word “massive” for a 9″ wide wheel because these things come with 7″ stocks as far as we know, and much higher offset. As with most cars from Thailand this Vios is sitting on air suspension as well. Big ups to Gaphy for doing something different as well as our photographer Bezy for the awesome shots. Stay tuned for more rides out of Thailand and hit the Read More button for more photos.