I don’t have children.  I like them I just don’t want them right now.  Occasionally I spend time with the littles ones of friends or family members and it’s typically an enjoyable experience.  Unless they have reached what many know as the “Why? Stage”.  The Why? Stage is a rather annoying time in a human being’s existence, though a necessary one to cultivate an understanding of the world around them.  Unfortunately, none of us really ever completely get past this stage of our lives.  Constantly, we question everything asking “Why?”  Sometimes the answer is simple — Because.

Photos By: Dustin Brady exclusively for StanceNation.com

Why did Ford continue to build the Mustang?  Because it’s awesome.  The tradition of the American pony car is captured in the very name of the vehicle.  In 2005 when the S197-chassis was introduced the nostalgia overflowed into the automotive world and its popularity continued on into the modernized update.  Shortly following the aesthetic changes Ford bestowed another favorite commodity, the 5.0.  Affectionately known to many as the “five-oh” the number goes further than simple displacement and the new 5.0 “Coyote” brought 32-valves of modern technology and throwback nomenclature together in a 412-hp package of awesome.  I’ve always been a fan of the Mustang in each of their iterations, ever since that first power-slide in an SN95 Cobra.  The Mustang offers a very unique experience in both the aesthetics and the overall feel of the car.  Everyone loves a Mustang; even the Bow-Tie camp can often admit that the rivalry contributes to the fun — it’s the car they love to hate.

Why stance a Mustang? Because you want to.  It’s a question I’m sure Northern Virginia/District of Columbia resident 25-year old Omar Hashmi hears often.  He tells us he wanted to build a 10-second 1/4 mile capable, stanced street car Mustang in order to prove that a performance car and a stance car could be the same car.  The out-of-the-box performance and looks are what attracted Hashmi to the ‘Stang, who says he typically isn’t a “Mustang guy.”  However, this time the pros out-weighed the cons and Omar took ownership of this 2012 5.0 GT a little over a year ago and began his unique project.

Why so low?  Because airbags can do that.  BC Coilovers provide the basis for a custom bag-over-coil system pairing the shocks/struts with UAS Sport Runner bags.  The pneumatics are managed by an AccuAir system.  BMR supplied boxed-LCAs and a panhard bar out back in order to tame the live-axle pony.  19″ VIP Modular VRC13s in a custom copper finish complete the “stance” part of Omar’s equation.

Why does it go fast?  Because 755whp/724lb/ft. in race trim tends to do that.  The Coyote has proven itself an extremely capable mill since its introduction.  With Comp Stage 3 cams, an assortment of Boss 302 components, a Nitrous Express 200-shot, and a list of supporting modifications Omar’s Mustang puts down serious power with relatively simple changes.  When the lights drop Omar comes off the MSD Two-Step and is thrown back into his Corbeau seat, he puts down the power through a built transmission transferring through an Exedy Twin-Plate clutch to the Boss 302 rear end with a 4.56 gear and then to the hubs via Moser 31-spline axles with C-Clip Eliminators — the result?  10.16 @ 138mph.

Why not stop there?  You already have the speed and the stance?  Because personality.  While the Mustang was attractive to Omar he had to make it his own with a combination of exterior upgrades.  Up front a California Special front valance is mounted just above a Boss 302 splitter and just below a Roush grill.  RTR side splitters continue the lowered body lines to the rear of the car where a TruFiber carbon deck lid and a carbon GT500 spoiler finish the subtle package of additions.  The whole car (except the roof, which offers contrast with black vinyl) is bathed in a tan-camouflage plastidip — not your average paint finish for a Mustang, but of course this is not your average Mustang.

So now Omar is done and he plans to move on to another project.  Why?  I figured you’d ask, because he wants to build a MKIV Toyota Supra and take it down a similar path (bagged/fast).  Whatever floats your boat Omar.  You keep doing it because you want to.  Stanced on the street and quick on the track, this Mustang proves sometimes you can have your cake and eat it to.  People will continue to ask “Why?” and Omar will just keep rollin’ in his 5.0 (for at least a little while longer) just…because .

[toggle_item title=”Wheels/Tires/Suspension” active=”true”]BC racing coilovers
UAS sport runner airbags
Accuair management
19″ staggered VIP modular VRC13
[toggle_item title=”Exterior” active=”false”]California special front valance
Boss 302 splitter
Roush front grill
RTR side splitters
Trufiber carbon fiber deck lid
Carbon fiber gt500 spoiler
Black vinyl roof
Full Camo tan plastidip paintjob
Corbeau Seat[/toggle_item]
[toggle_item title=”Engine” active=”false”]C&L intake
Ported throttle body
Ported Boss 302 intake manifold
Upgraded injectors
MSD two step launch control
Boss 302 valvetrain
Comp stage 3 cams
Nitrous Express plate kit 200 shot
Custom tune/e85 tune
Catless X pipe
Full 3″ straight pipes
BMR boxed LCA’s with relocation brackets
BMR panhard bar
Built MT82 transmission
Exedy twin plate clutch
Boss 302 Torsen diff
4.56 rear gear
Moser 31 spline axles w/ c clip eliminators
10.16@138MPH // 714HP/668TQ on 93 octane & 755HP/72TQ4 on race gas.