Form > Function, or Function > Form? It really doesn’t matter what your choice is because deep down inside we are all automotive enthusiasts. Sure, we love low cars, wide wheels, and crazy negative camber, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t appreciate & respect those who choose to put function ahead of form. Heck, in the past we’ve even featured cars built just for track. But enough of that, let’s take a look at this incredible EVO built by Kris Vander from Ontario, Canada. Kris has managed to mix both form and function to create the car that suits him just right.

Photos By: Raymond Tran exclusively for

With a name as menacing as “EVO X” it’s almost a given that the car has to be aggressive. From the factory, the EVO X already has an aggressive front end and packs a punch in the pavement. Kris’ Evo however makes a stock Evo look like a cowering puppy in a corner! He chose the aggressive Varis widebody and is actually the first in Canada to be rocking it. Just imagine the looks he gets pulling up to a grocery store…

Kris thought long and hard about a unique build and finally chose the Evo because he knew he could take the car to the next level. Besides the aggressive Varis widebody aero, he also chose to go with a Seibon hood and trunk which can be seen sitting beneath the Voltex GT5 dry carbon wing. Quality, quality & quality. I’m really loving the overall appearance of this thing.

Besides having an aggressive styling thanks to it’s Aero pieces, the Evo is dropped perfectly on a set of super functional KW Variant 3 coilovers. The KW’s bring the beast within millimeters of the 285/30/18 Yokohama Adavan AD08 wrapped generously around the gorgeous 18×10.5 Volk TE37-SL. Wheels were finished in Titanium grey which compliment the car just right in my opinion.

The interior of the car is not left untouched as Kris has Recarco profi xl seats and the legendary Takata harness. Small things such as Defi oil pressure, oil temperature and boost gauges were also added. Lastly, the interior was finished with the help of a Kenwood deck and Kicker speakers.

One major problem Kris has ran into is that the Evo MR has the SST twin clutch transmission. While it is faster and more efficient there are also setbacks when it comes to putting down big numbers. No worries though as Kris has all of that in the works! Right now he is running an AEM cold air intake, Cosworth intercooler, HKS iridium stage colder plugs, and a Tomie exhaust to give the car a great flow of air to produce smooth and efficient power.

Having a car and building it to your liking requires heart and passion, and in that journey you are bound to meet some amazing people who may influence you for the rest of your life. Kris says he had met some people who without, his car would have never came as far as it did. And for that he is very thankful.

Kris some very, very big things planned for the remainder of the “off-season” so to speak, and I for one will be following this build close! As always, stay tuned for more and big shout out to Kris and Raymond Tran for the awesome photos!

[toggle_item title=”Wheels/Tires/Suspension” active=”true”]Volk TE37SL titanium grey 18×10.5
Yokohama Adavan AD08 285/30/18
KW V3 suspension
DBA 5000 with ferrodo 2500 pads on the front
DBA 4000 and ferrodo 2500 on the back[/toggle_item]
[toggle_item title=”Exterior” active=”false”]Varis widebody
Seibon hood
Seibon trunk
Voltex GT 5 dry carbon wing[/toggle_item]
[toggle_item title=”Interior” active=”false”]Recarco profi xl seats
Takata harness
defi oil pressure
oil temperature
and boost gauges
kenwood deck
kicker speakers[/toggle_item]