We posted a photo of this Nissan Teana on our Facebook earlier today in hopes of someone being able to tell us what this car was, but that didn’t go too well. Most assumed that it was a Q45/F50 and only a handful of you were able to recognize those big flashy wheels! That’s what makes the VIP scene in Thailand so special. These guys are stepping out of everyone’s comfort zone and are taking everything from Honda Civics to Toyota Camrys and adding a touch of that “VIP Style” to them. Mind you, we’re not just talking about mounting a set of wheels and window curtains on and calling it a day. We’re talking custom body fabrication, full interior facelifts, and some of the craziest audio setups we’ve ever seen.

Photos By: Tatar Gremlins exclusively for StanceNation.com

This particular Nissan has been through many different stages and within the last two months it received a fresh coat of paint, wheels, fender radiusing and many other things. Seeing how many of you had trouble guessing the brand of those wheels, how about we help you out? They are TrafficStar DTX’s in 20×10 (-8) up front and 20×11 (-13) in the rear. Front tire setup is 245/30/20 while the rear is 255/30/20. If you’re all about width and aren’t quite impressed, the offsets certainly should do the trick.

Unlike Japan however where majority of the cars sit on coilovers, Thailand is all about air suspension. Unfortunately they weren’t blessed with the wonderful smooth roads like Japan or even Unites States. With that said, this big sedan is sitting on air as well that was done by Popular Customs while Complete Car By Kit Service Shop took care of most of the body work. Make sure to hit the Read More button below to check out more photos. Huge shout out to all of our Thailand fans, we appreciate your support!