Allow me to introduce the real MVP. In the technical term, I’m talking about a Multi Purpose Vehicle. I’d have to admit, when I first saw this photoset, I thought I was looking at a van, however, as I continued scrolling I had growing doubts which led me to Wikipedia where I learned that this is a MVP. In this case, the multi purpose vehicle also serves many other uses aside from the traditional ones. This MVP also impresses, knows how to get down, and look damn good doing it. This is Syo Kimura’s Honda Stream.



In Japan, the automotive scene’s level of modification is on an entirely different one than here stateside. Custom kits, extensively modified suspension, and one off parts are frequently engineered. Kimura’s vehicle is a testament to that. With all that, there is a clear distance from our builds to theirs, however, the gap is definitely closing.


This whole car flows together immaculately. Painted in a beautiful Tiffany Green with silver flaking, I am drawn towards the fenders which are neatly treated with +10mm overfenders for the front and rear. They are a necessity as the wheels are a squared set up of SSR Executor CV01 measuring in at a hearty 20x11J -14 Super Concave. 405mm and 380mm drilled and slotted rotors and a 8/6 pot bbk set are applied to the front and rear, respectively. Remember what I said earlier about “extensively modified suspension”? This holds true with Nissho-Tire Coilovers at “Kimura’s spec” which promises a very high spring rate and allows for that luscious onikyan. A modified front lower arm and rear upper arm, by T-demand work in conjunction with the coilovers.



Kimura went with a full straight stainless quad muffler. I say he went with good choice. It appropriately matches the shine of his diffuser that is mated to a Ericsson BMW E92 M3 bumper.




More things one off! First and foremost would be the head and tail lights. Kimura goes further by customizing the front aero for the Porsche 977. An impressive feat that gives the car a very aggressive look when coupled with the tapering of the headlights. MASA vents for the Nissan S15 have found their way onto Kimura’s hood and I can say they look better here.








The things I appreciate in a build would have to be the details though. I adore the chopped up aeros as well as the custom one off parts, but the small details like that reupholstered pillar and the Louis Vuitton sidemirror mount really make me smile. AND if you haven’t noticed yet, Kimura is rocking different colored wheel faces. The right side is brushed while the left is white. The devil is in the details 😉