Fitted Fest 2018 Photo Coverage.

I have never been to Finland before, (even though we’re technically considered “neighbors”) so I didn’t really know what to expect from their car scene. I’m pretty familiar with the scene here in Sweden (and even Norway) so I was pretty stoked when I was given the opportunity to visit another country to see what all they have to offer! The Fitted Fest event is hosted by CDLC (Creme De La Creme) at this beautiful Harbor in Lahti, where they brought together right around 100 of the best cars Finland has to offer. There were of course a few cars from the neighboring countries such as Russia, Latvia, Sweden as well. What I also enjoyed was this ’meet area’ where other car enthusiasts could bring their cars seperate from the show in a way. Overall I very much enjoyed this event and I for sure plan on being there again next year!

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