XS Car Night Classic 4.0 Dresden Germany 2018 // Photo Coverage.

Recently, me and a few friends decided to head to Dresden, Germany for the famous XS CarNight event. This time around though the show was mainly dedicated for cars from the 90’s and older. Youngtimers only. We set our expectations pretty high after this year’s 20th XS anniversary in Berlin (click here for more) and they didn’t disappoint once again. The whole “Ostrapark” area was filled with all sorts of incredible cars. Not only V-dub’s and BMW’s, as you would expect, but lots of proper JDM stuff as well. The amount and variety of cars were really impressive and everyone could find something that fits their particular taste. Not even a drizzle could stop visitors from coming. XS CarNight was again a huge success and I can’t wait for another edition of this show! I hope to finally join with my own car.

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