Back in June, I had the fortunate opportunity to step foot into a true Japanese VIP meet before heading back home from the land of the rising sun. It was truly hair raising to see so many of the cars I have seen on covers and online blogs before my eyes, and to re-connect with the friends I have made was special as well. This event was held in Miyazaki, Japan in late June with over 200 entrants counted, and boy were they a crazy bunch! There are quite a few cars that you may have seen on StanceNation before but even more that you haven’t. Check back for more content coming in part 2 and I hope you enjoy these few photos.

Photos By: Chris Anderson exclusively for

Awesome Celsior sporting Job Design kit. Click here for more of Job Design cars.

Such a beautiful Lexus SC this is. Sitting on what appear to be SSR Executor CV02’s?

Black Pearl always taking things to the extreme. This Crown certainly isn’t for everyone but it definitely had a huge impact on the Japanese VIP scene. The body work is just insane.

“The wide new style custom Stance”.

Incredible Celsior UCF30 on SSR SP1’s and Job Design Aero.

Photos truly don’t do these cars justice, like this awesome F50 Cima.

..or this Aristo with AMG style front bumper & Junction Produce Scara wheels.

This incredible Celsior is currently on the cover of VIPStyle magazine so make sure you check it out if you get a chance to!

Check out the body work on this Celsior.

Simply mind blowing Toyota Aristo which graced the cover of one of the recent VIPCAR magazine. Team Aspiration cars are seriously amazing.

This thing was on point as well. Sitting on a set of CR Kai Work wheels or so I thought. Upon closer look I noticed a XXR center cap..

Y33 Cima anyone?

Stance so good..

Y34 CedGlo slammed on it’s chest. That front bumper is on the ground!

Another fine Aristo (GS300 in US).

Who can guess the make and model of this K Car?

Crazy good bodywork. Look closer at things like the molded spoiler and custom aero & interior..

This color seems to be very popular in Japan at the moment. Several cars were rocking it at this meet including this Celsior.

Not too sure what this thing is but I dig it.

Radius, camber, fitment, it’s got it all. Amazing Celsior!

D’Custom Freak Celsior also made an appearance. Yup, still breaking necks!

Awesome Aimgain aero on this flashy Cima.

Not all cars were VIP as you can see. This green Nissan S15 came out rocking the 326 Power aero and Work Emotion CR Kai wheels!

Club snail Odyssey.

Another UCF20/21 Celsior rocking the beautiful Aimgain kit.

Gorgeous Crown. Love everything about it.

Another awesome Y34 Cedglo..

Odyssey with an AMG style front bumper.

Look out for Part 2 in the next few days!