When most people hear Poland they probably don’t think of quality cars. This year’s Raceism event has once again shown that the Polish are actually very up to date when it comes to their car scene and styling. With a great diversity in not just makes but also styles it was a welcome change from the usual Audi/VW heavy meets. The live drift display provided some great entertainment with plenty of door to door action while the DJ was laying down some great beats for the over 5000 visitors. Although I thought last year’s quality was a bit better, the 2015 event was once again one of the best shows of the year and definitely on my calendar next year!

Racism 2015-1

Racism 2015-2

Racism 2015-3

Racism 2015-4

Racism 2015-5

Racism 2015-6

Racism 2015-7

Racism 2015-8

Racism 2015-9

Racism 2015-10

Racism 2015-11

Racism 2015-12

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