Here is an event many of you most likely have never heard of before. Shift SHOW UP is put on by our friend Igi-san from Hiroshima and while it is on the smaller side quantity wise (somewhere around 75 cars) the quality and variety is clearly visible. The event itself is also slightly different from your “typical” stance/fitment type of event, if there is such a thing. Cars were being judged for best paint, audio, interior & bodywork to name a few and as you’ll see in the photos there were even a few slammed bikes present. We would like to give a shoutout to Igi-san and wish him the best of luck with the future of SHOW UP. Hope you enjoy the photos!

Showup Hiroshima-137

Showup Hiroshima-127

Showup Hiroshima-126

Showup Hiroshima-123

Showup Hiroshima-122

Showup Hiroshima-121

Showup Hiroshima-120

Showup Hiroshima-119

Showup Hiroshima-117

Showup Hiroshima-116

Showup Hiroshima-115

Showup Hiroshima-114

Showup Hiroshima-113

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