Canibeat First Class Fitment 2019 Photo Coverage.

There is Cristian, Dave, Roy & like 10-15 others who make First Class Fitment what it is. Without the efforts of the Canibeat collective, 10 years of some of the finest automotive memories simply would not have been possible and we firmly believe that people will talk about this event for many years to come. Actually we take that back because as much as Canibeat is to thank for this incredible event, we also have to take our hats off to all the car owners as well as vendors, spectators and every one / thing else that make this event what it is. We’ve covered First Class Fitment for many years and every year it seems to be getting better and better on all fronts; from small things like trophy’s to bigger things like cars and the most important of them all, the overall experience of the show. We would like to give a special shout out to everyone involved in making this event possible and we genuinely hope that they realize the impact their efforts have made on the car community and perhaps consider other ways they can continue contributing. That’s if this is indeed the last time we see First Class Fitment. We’ll leave you with some awesome photos that Chris K Anderson shot for us. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

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